Black Friday: A Good Deal or A Big Debt?

In the U.S. Black Friday is the American equivalent to the Canadian Boxing Day sales. Every year it inspires mobs of shoppers who line up for hours so they can be the first through the doors at midnight and fight...

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Save Money on Transportation: 11 Steps to Savings

Does your car cost you too much money?

Are you looking to reduce your transportation costs?

The Real Cost of Car Ownership

According to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), 6 out of 10 Canadians under-estimate the amount they spend on...

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Managing your Debt Doesn't Have to Be Scary

When it comes to debt, it’s good to be cautious but not fearful. Feeling cautious can be healthy. Being paralyzed by fear is not.

It’s not surprising that many people have an uneasy relationship with debt. Debt can be scary....

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Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

You could be sitting on a little pile of cash.

Better money management means paying off debt and saving money. It means reducing impulse buying and not spending money on things you don’t need that don’t get used.


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Bye, Bye Bank Fees

No one likes bank fees.

Except banks.

Yet 55% of Canadians are spending on average $185 a year on their chequing accounts when they don’t have to.

Why pay for something you don’t have to?!


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Cha-ching! Cash Or Credit? 7 Signs You Shouldn't Use Credit Cards

It’s time for some real talk about Credit Cards...

If you are in debt, you probably shouldn’t use them.

Credit cards MAKE you spend more money.

Banks know this. They count on it. Credit cards...

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4 Ways To Break Bad Money Habits

Do you struggle with changing your money habits?

Bad habits can feel impossible to change. And when you are trying to get out of debt it can be overwhelming and frustrating.

In our last post we talked...

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This One Change Can Help You Save 78% More

If you are in debt, you are likely thinking about money all wrong.

And it’s been causing you to get deeper into debt. It’s literally costing you money.

The good news is, you can easily change how you...

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Budget or Bust: Why You Need A Budget To Get Out Of Debt

Are you sick of worrying about money?

Do you want to take control of your money so you can get out of debt or save for the future?

Whether you are in the process of credit counselling,...

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